She hears all, sees all, feels all.
She knows exactly the other emotions.
She feels it in her body.
She becomes that other.

She only would like someone to be silent next to her.
Not to add useless noise to all that she already feels.
Still no one seems to understand her.

So she talks, talks, talks, to do as they do.
She talks to explain the silence, until collapsing.
She asks the other to speak, speak, speak…
Because she has been taught this is what dialogue is in a 'real' relationship.

In the end, she returns to her shell, devastated at not being heard, at not receiving any response.
She has come to believe that she needs solitude.
In reality, she is dying of loneliness.
The more people there are around, the more she is dying of it.
Being alone becomes the least worst remedy.