You can often see them, booted and gloved, on the roadside or in public gardens: the municipal gardeners work tirelessly to put flowers in the city. Sabine is one of them, and it is with a broad smile that she was willing to answer my questions.

Hello, what are you doing?

Well, spring is approaching so we're busy cleaning up, removing weeds that are starting to grow back, replacing plants that have frozen. We've just finished pruning all the boxwoods in the bishop's garden, a big job.

Who decides on the arrangement of plants in a flowerbed?

The head of the department prepares the plans, but if we want to participate, we can. We can give our ideas and in the field we have a little autonomy in this respect.

Have you been in this job for long?

Oh yes, it's been over twenty years!

And what do you like about this job?

What I like best is the contact with the public. We give information, we name the flowers. You know, it's not uncommon for people to copy in their gardens what they've seen in our flowerbeds! Many people notice our work and compliment us. And then I'm a municipal employee: I answer people's more general questions, for example about the museum, the history… I like to show off the city.

So do you have any advice for gardeners?

We should start next week, even if there is still a risk of frost.

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