An extra ring-bell

Since she didn't quite understand how the world worked, she tried to draw it, in as much detail as possible. With her head bent over her paper for several hours, her tongue stuck out to the side, she carefully chose her markers and, dot by dot, tried to copy life. But it didn't work.

Then she thought about it a lot, scratching her head a bit, and thought that it must be her fault: it wasn't the world that was working strangely, it was probably her who had an extra ring-bell.

So she asked the experts for their opinion.

She saw many of them, of all sizes and colours. They measured her in all directions, and then told her with a very serious look: "You are too big to be small, and too small to be big; you have blonde hair, but you are not blonde; you have a lot of ring-bells, but it is not a disease. You are too weird to be normal, but too normal to be weird. So we're positive: you don't exist."

She slowly went back to her shell house, poured herself a little hot tea, and said to it with a smile: you see my dear, we don't exist, so let's be happy.